Privacy and Terms

At CMAD Systems LLC we respects your privacy. We created this Privacy Policy to let you know what information we collect and how we use it, as well as our practices regarding such information. 

What information does u1Logic collect?

Personal Information: Any personal information such as autorization tokens are only stored as local cookies on your individual computer. this information is then used to decode any information that has been stored to provide bot functionality.

Technical Information: In order to provide functionality we do via our public bots we track the unique ID's that are used by Cisco Webex Teams to represent configurations such as spaces, messages, individuals, etc. If in the rare case aditional information is requiered to be maintained to provide functionality It is ensured that this information cannot be used without an individuals autorization.

How does u1Logic use this Information?

Any and all information collected is used in providing bot functiuonality. No information will ever be used outside of Cisco Webex Teams.

Information We Share